Showroom location in Salida, Colorado

Carl Bork / Karen Watkins Gallery
149 W. First Street  -  Salida, CO  81201
Collaborative "Sourcelight Project" with painter Carl Bork, and Illuminated Medallions and chandeliers are on display.

Maverick Potter Gallery
119 F street  -  Salida, CO 81201
The showroom for Brice's glass lights is at the Maverick Potter gallery in downtown Salida.

- Brice can meet clients either location by appointment any day.

Brice also shows his art glass at Galerie Muranese in central Paris, and his soul-pleasing light shades at home improvement shows in the Colorado area.

In Denver 2015, Feb. 7th - 15th at the Convention Center downtown. Dates for Santa Fe's home show in May to be announced. No Colorado Springs home shows in 2015, however, he travels monthly to visit potential client's homes with samples of lamp shades to discuss custom orders at no charge.  Please call or email if you would like to schedule  a meeting.

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